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Information Systems

The company develops Information Systems and applications for smartphones & web, utilizing its experience, methodology and specialized technologies, with particular emphasis on the quality of the final product and the satisfaction of its partners. The end products are fully tailored to partner needs, as most are based on open source software.

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Intra-Business Planning & Customer Relationship Management Systems

InDigital has developed the modern ERP & CRM InSales that includes:


  • Commercial management
  • Human resources management
  • Audit of financial activities
  • Subscriptions – Customer transactions
  • Statistics & Reports
  • Procurement procedures
  • Sales Planning
Automatic Logo Detection System

Based on open source software which along with several innovative plug-ins, the system recognizes company logos throughout the stream of recorded videos.

Web Data detection systems

InDigital develops and maintains specialized Information Systems for the detection, recording and archiving of data from the Internet.

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Robotic Systems

The company maintains and invests in modern robotic systems for a wide range of applications in collaboration with Research Centers.