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Using Digital Evidence Validation Technology in the promotional campaign «20 Years Milner»

InDigital, in collaboration with OgilvyOne, has successfully completed the “20 Years Milner” promotional campaign, providing the receipt recognition mechanism based on the Digital Receipt Validation System (DRVS) technology. The technology has enabled consumers to photograph the proof of purchase of a Milner product, send it via Facebook Messenger or the specially configured website and find out instantly whether they have won any of the many promotional gifts. DRVS technology validates consumer purchases and distributes any offer within minutes. It is ideal for use in promotional campaigns including, among other, Buy One – Get One rewards programs, loyalty programs, coupons and any other promotional action.
InDigital SA is made up of entrepreneurs who have been active since the 90’s in the field of information technology and the development of new technologies. The main areas of expertise include: Image Digitization & Image Processing Technologies, Document & Workflow Management System, Remote Certified Digital Signatures, 3D Digitization & Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications, DRVS Digital Certification, Online Application & Group Management Platforms and the unique automatic medical transcript service.