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Automatic Receipt Validation System

The Automatic Receipt Validation System validates and at the same time automatically recognizes, through relevant evidence, product purchases by consumers, who can participate in corporate promotions in any industry that they activate (eg food, entertainment, etc.) Then, in a few minutes the consumer can receive extra gifts and offers on his mobile phone as a reward for his purchase. The whole process involves three simple steps:

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3 Steps

  1. Purchase of the product, for which an offer is currently valid
  2. Payment to the cashier and acknowledgement of receipt.
  3.  View the receipt on a specific website, indicated by the company making the offer.

Within a few minutes, the system recognizes and certifies that the particular receipt includes the product, which is an offer and the consumer receives its rewards digitally on its mobile. The system is suitable for both digital and natural gifts – promotions.

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Automatic Receipt Validation System is ideal for use in promotional campaigns including, among others, Buy one get one, loyalty programs, coupons, and any other promotional action.