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Real Estate management

The Property & Lease Management Service is provided through a modern online platform and was developed to serve large public & private organizations with extensive real estate available either for their own use or for rent or for any form of commercial exploitation.

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The design of the Service was intended to be a tool for monitoring and managing real estate that is fully adapted to the needs and structures of the organizations. The goal is to organize, support and improve the functions of the relevant department, using specialized and up-to-date IT tools.

The Service is an innovative and modern approach to real estate & rent management.




  • Complete customization and adaptation to the needs of any organization.
  • Significant economic benefits of providing the Service over the Internet without the need for any equipment.
  • An important strategic planning tool for the exploitation of real estate.
  • Checking the effectiveness of real estate management and the relevant department.
  • Data logging and analytical exports.
  • Ability to connect with other programs available to the organization, e.g. an accounting program for automatic charging for leased properties.

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