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Business Structure

The business structure is designed with a view to maximum organizational efficiency, good communication between departments and speed in decision making. There is a clear hierarchy, model operating procedures, central corporate policy and culture, and job division according to qualifications. The structure is flexible in order to adapt to changes, to meet the needs of the main business sectors addressed by the company and to ensure the continuous operation and of excellent provision of the services required. The primary objective is to achieve the greatest satisfaction of its partners, shareholders and its employees.


The main shareholder and legal representative of the Group from the position of the Chairman and Managing Director is Mr. Costas Rouptsos.

Technology Sector

Head of Technology Sector (Director of Information and Technology) is the Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Mr. Giorgos Pistikos, with 20 years of experience in the analysis, design and construction of Information Systems and Applications.

The Organizational Chart of the company is presented below, reflecting the organizational levels:

organizational chart