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Advanced Remote Digital Signatures

InDigital provides ARX/Docusign’s Secure Signature Creation(ADSI). According to Law 3979/2011, the Digital Signature, based on a qualified certificate created by ADSI, has the same legal and probative validity with documents bearing a handwritten signature.

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InSign allows users to digitally sign their documents without the need for additional hardware (usb token, card reader) or any installation (hardware, software) on their device. With InSign it is possible to digitally sign pdf, word and excel files without installing Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader or other type of software.



  • Storage and management of digital certificates of the Central Public Administration Portal ‘Hermes’.
  • Digital signature of documents, without the need for additional equipment such as USB Tokens, CardReaders, hardware or software.
  • Use the digital signature from anywhere via the Internet on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet) through InSign’s web user interface.
  • Modern and simple navigation environment suitable for non-familiar users.
  • Storing digital certificates in InDigital’s cutting edge, certified data center.
  • Strict protection and full compliance with many laws-regulations at government level.
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InSign service is compatible with most modern document management and flow management systems based on major platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint or the Alfresco open source software platform. Adding InSign to an existing Document Management System offers great advantages and economies of scale.