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InDigital features the ILIs (intelligent Library System) application, as well as innovative file compression solutions. The ILIs software platform is targeted at companies and organizations that maintain a large volume of documents, file libraries, and a bulk of printed material in general. It offers the ability to digitize successfully and accurately manage all kinds of printed and electronic documents.

Companies and organizations with large volumes of stored information, such as documents, file libraries, printed and audiovisual materials, recognize the ILIS (intelligent Library System) as a valuable tool that enables them to digitize and manage accurately any form and electronic material they have. At the end of the project, the customers can continue to digitize their files if they wish, with the support of InDigital and a yearly subscription.

The digitization process follows the following steps:
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Documents are divided into bound or non-bound.

Before the scanning process, the material is maintained and controlled.

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If damaged material is found, it is noted in the protocol and the responsible official is informed at the same time.

Bound documents are handled by the special book scanner with care, so the authentic binding won’t be influenced.

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Photos and non-bound documents are processed by flatbed scanners, which are capable of scanning objects at least A4 size.

They are ideal for prototypes that can be pressed on a flat and hard surface without damage (such as documents, photos, blank printed materials, manuscripts, etc.) They can also scan light-reflecting surfaces (such as illustration paper) as well as surfaces with a small or greater degree of transparency. For originals that have bulky frames, you can remove the scanner lid.

The scanning process is performed by trained personnel, who knows and fully complies with the procedures of good digitization (use of gloves, protection of the material, control of the result, etc.)

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Documents and photos are placed in the original envelopes and transferred to storage. The Controller checks the entire process and notes the storage of the specific material in the receipt protocol.

The following are done with special treatment:
Separate pages in the case of simultaneous scanning of left and right pages of an open form or book.


Correct colors to simulate more accurately to the original.


Cut off the margins around the item.


Change orientation when required.


Reduction of bending due to binding.

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For the audiovisual material, special analogue conversion devices are installed. Thus, Video cassettes are converted into digital Video and Music and audio documents are converted into digital audio. The quality-analysis is similar to the prototype and, where possible, the quality is improved with audio and video digital processing techniques.

There is special software that is used for Photo Digitization and photo editing technologies to create panoramic photos. This software is also accompanied by a Virtual Tour.

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Structure of the application
  • Scan Files – Scanning.
  • Convert Images to Text – OCR.
  • Spell-check with Smart Dictionary – Quality Control.
  • Text analysis and segmentation – Segmentation.
  • Database entry – Database.
  • Compress and record original document – Archive.
  • Combined Search Tools – Search Engine.
  • Internet presentation – Web Interface.
  • Access Rights – User Rights.


The application offers:


  • Validity – Consistency in importing primary data.
  • Organization – Sorting Data to allow quick search with combinations of words
  • 24 hour operation.
  • Speed.
  • Ease of operation.
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