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Ψηφιακή Διακίνηση, Αρχειοθέτηση & Διαχείριση Εγγράφων & Ροής Εργασιών

InDigital has developed the Intelligent Document Management System (InDMS) in order to provide solution to the growing need for more efficient management of a company’s documents.

InDMS is a modern solution designed in a web browser environment. The visual composition and timing of the management environment is a comparative advantage. The user-information interaction is designed to be easy to use, effective and fast.



list of goals
  • Archiving & sorting large volumes of documents / data so they can be searched quickly. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to search for words in text and automatically recognize text in images.
  • Auto-archive-organize daily documents on the computer with simple drag and drop.
  • Start workflow, direct assignment, sending document for approval and track history.
  • Ability to customize and add subsystems such as protocol management, licensing, invoices tailored to customer requirements.
  • Search function with keywords and word combinations.
  • Access the file every day 24 hours a day from anywhere.
  • Ease of use for non-expert users
  • Access the file from multiple users at once.

InDMS contains a dedicated Cosign Connector to allow users to digitally sign their documents. It is easy and simple to sign, check and accept documents stored centrally in InDMS, without the need for any installation on the local computer. The digital certificate comes from the National Central Internet Portal of Public Administration ‘HERMES’.

Additionally, InDMS contains a specific project management application that allows for a systematic, methodical organization of all the operations of the company as well as a specialized application for Electronic Management of Protocol.


InDMS has a built-in Electronic Protocol Management.

  • Working Group with predefined document management rights
  • Folders: Inbox-Outbox.
  • Automatic logging with unique serial number.
  • Lock a registered document.
  • Document Billing With Inbound Workflow Input.
  • Workflow for collecting signatures, receiving protocol number, archiving and sending.
  • Full history of changes to the listings and possibility of revoking previous versions.
  • Automated update through the System and email notifications for registered and pending tasks.
  • Reports for protocol and workflow control.
  • Ability to insert additional information into outgoing documents (IDA, exact copy, etc.)