3D Digitization

4DRealism is a separate part of InDigital, that implements 3D digitization and depictions of real objects and spaces of any size. The department is made up of specialized graphic designers, game developers and professionals with experience in the field of 3D applications. The applications are presented in static images, video presentations and virtual environments, according to the partner’s requirements.

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3D Digitization – What it is

By 3D digitization we mean converting a physical object or space into an exact digital copy. This digital copy includes all the information that is the natural prototype, such as geometry and texture, and we have the ability to review it from all angles without any limitations.

In recent years, three-dimensional digitization is being developed rapidly to document and preserve the cultural heritage. The three-dimensional digitizations of high-definition monuments, objects and spaces allow the further observation, study and dissemination of historical relics.

In addition, they act as a safety net against natural and non-physical destructions or damages, as the true copy of the original is archived digitally. Finally, there is the possibility of realistically representing the original object or space, provided that the appropriate information is available.

3D Scanning & 3D Printing

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Scientific 3D Scanning

User Interface

Entertainment & Education

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