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InDigital is housed in a privately-owned office building of a total area of 981.77 sqm, located at 31 Dirfis Street, in the area of Vrilissia, Attica. This office building is located in the ‘Patima’ area within the boundaries of the Municipality of Vrilissia and is about 500m away from Pentelis Avenue. The premises include three building levels (ground floor, 1st floor and loft – 1st floor attic) and two basements.

At the same time it has:

  1. Data Center with more than 100 servers and a capacity that reaches 1 Peta.
  2. 4 different Internet lines, two leases (100MBps & 4 MBps) as well as two backup DSLs.
  3. 100 Workstations
  4. Ultra-modern and fully equipped digitation workshop.
  5. The facilities have the most widespread safety standards, such as, security alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, full backup system, central 30-minute UPS for the proper general functionality of the building and a central oil generator.
  6. Specially configured and equipped studio used for photographing objects for their 3D digitization.