Online Registration Platform and Query management

The System is provided through a modern online platform and was developed to serve large public & private organizations targeting large population groups and managing multiple requests every day such as claims for complaints, complaints, problems, suggestions, etc.

The Service was designed to serve as a means of two-way communication and service to users, where they could, in a short time, handle their requests in a modern online management environment. At the same time, the organization has the ability to handle requests in a simple way, transferring directly and targeted all requests to the relevant departments.

The Service is an innovative and modern approach to capturing and managing requests.



  • Complete customization and adaptation to the needs of any organization.
  • Significant economic benefits of providing the Service over the Internet without the need for any equipment.
  • Management tool for strategic decisions.
  • Check effectiveness of existing services.
  • Detailed tracking (auditing).
  • Absolute data logging and detailed statistics.
  • Promoting transparency and two-way communication with end-users.

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